To offer top quality logistics service and support to our vast group of local and international customers; to incorporate leadership, knowledge, team work, transparancy and integration in order to well develop and facilitate commerce and international logistics, all focused on quality, security and satisfying our customers’ needs.

To use and prepare professionals and experts for being a reliable source of information and service to our customers in order to keep our company in its leading position in the logistics industry.

To be a known company and be capable of maintaining that position; able to manage and execute all types of logistics services, local and internationally; to grow in number of customers and continue to satisfy their logistics and transport needs and expectations and support in the growth of all those who -directly and indirectly- support us in our job of doing so.

Since 2013 we have been BASC affiliated and fully certified in 2015, which binds us to enforce our Safety, Security and Political controls in service of our customers who entrust their business to us.
We ensure continuous improvement in Safety aspects of our operations avoiding the channel of Safety and Security processes to be broken.
Our personnel is continuously updated with training and seminars in order to keep the highest standards.