Midden van de Wereld S.A. trading as Seatrade Ecuador was established in October 2006 in Guayaquil and has grown to be a leader in the Ecuadorian logistics industry with a prominent position in Ecuadorian banana trade and the logistics of perishable goods.

Operating from the main port of Ecuador, Guayaquil, we offer our services in all ports of the country (Esmeraldas, Manta, Libertad, Posorja, Guayaquil and Puerto Bolivar).

Located in the North-Western part of South America, on the Pacific Ocean coastline, Ecuador lies on the Equator between Colombia and Peru. With many cities and sites as UNESCO World Heritage it is the country with most biodiversity in the world.

Ecuador has many climate zones, from tropical along the coast to a cooler and dryer inland at the higher elevations; tropical in the Amazonian jungle lowlands.