Frequently Asked Questions

power plug (503 x 600)An intact power plug should have four metal pins, of which the biggest one is the so-called earth plug. To ensure that a power plug is correctly connected to a power socket, a small plastic guide (shown on the picture on top of the plug) will ensure that the power plug is correctly inserted into the power socket. When such guides are being removed, the risk of incorrectly connecting a container is high, which could lead to damage and/or improper functioning of the container.
The correct abbreviation is cmh (cubic meter per hour), but commonly people also use cbm(h) as an abbreviation - both indicate the same.
We have 40 ft High Cube Reefer containers always in stock, and on a regular basis also 40 ft dry vans, 40 ft high cube dry vans, 40 ft flat racks and 20 ft dry vans. 20 ft reefer containers are only available upon specific request and with a 4 week lead-in time.
We offer weekly departures to Dover (UK), Hamburg (Germany) and Flushing (The Netherlands). Click here to check our schedules.
Because we issue documentation conform Mate's Receipts and tallysheets, which are only available upon completion of loading operations.
Normally operations in Puerto Bolivar take place from Tuesday until Friday whereas operations in Guayaquil take place from Friday until Saturday.
Within our 40 ft high cube reefer fleet we use containers of two different makes, viz. Carrier and Thermoking. Please find below the conversion sheets for each make.
Carrier Prime Link (600 x 337)

Carrier Prime Link

Thermoking Magnum (600 x 458)

Thermoking Magnum

The ships' itineraries can be found on our website under the tab Schedules.
A booking form and instructions to fill out B/L; you can find these forms under Useful information.  
The transit times from Puerto Bolivar to Dover, Hamburg and Flushing are approximately 19, 21 and 23 days respectively. The transit times from Guayaquil to Dover, Hamburg and Flushing are approximately 16, 18 and 20 days respectively. Click here to check our schedules.